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SPCA Angel Fund

Helping Pets in Our Community Stay Happy and Healthy with Their Families Part of the SPCA’s commitment to seeing Brevard County become a no-kill community is helping families keep the pets they already have. Our clinic provides low-cost veterinary care, including spay/neuter, vaccines and wellness exams at a fraction of the cost at most vet clinics, but there are still times when people cannot afford the care their pets need. There is nothing more heart-wrenching than when a family feels as though they must surrender their dearly loved pet to a shelter, or to see an animal go without treatment because its owner cannot afford a vet bill. That is why the SPCA Angel Fund was created, to help members of our community who are most in need of access to veterinary services for their pets. Through private contributions to the Fund, we have been able to assist several low-income families with needed veterinary care. Support pet retention for some of the most at-risk pets in Brevard by sponsoring the SPCA Angel Fund. Below are examples of how your donation can help:
  • $78 will give a dog their annual vaccines for the year as well as heartworm testing
  • $63 will give a cat their annual vaccines with FELV/FIV/HW testing
  • $115 will get a kitten thru its initial series. Includes testing, FVRCP’s, deworming and rabies
  • $125 will get a puppy thru its initial series. Includes testing, DA2PPV’s deworming and rabies
  • Bloodwork starts at $53
  • Canine spays are $63 on up depending on weight
  • Canine neuters are $53 on up depending on weight
  • Feline spays are $45 and up
  • Feline neuters are $40 and up
  • General Donation = Any amount
Additionally, we have the Community Cat Redemption Fund, which is used to spay and neuter feral or community cats. Donations made to the CCR are placed in an account specifically used to fund feral cat surgeries. Please make checks payable to SPCA of Brevard and include Angel Fund Sponsorship or CCR Fund Sponsorship on the memo.

Or donate online:

Angel Fund

Community Cat Redemption Fund