Combined Federal Campaign for Retirees

For all our federal retiree FB friends, remember the Combined Federal Campaign that you participated in when you were working? Filling out those tiny forms and looking through mounds of paper to find potential charities to give to? Well, the CFC has finally come into the 21st century and federal annuitants can now give to their favorite charities through payroll deduction! You register at the link below and select charities to contribute to and monthly deductions from your annuitant check are then in place. If you choose to participate and you have a heart for animals, we encourage you to look at the SPCA of Brevard on the CFC pledge site – you will find that our organization is one of a select few animal welfare organizations with administrative overhead under 10% (<7% this year). This is a key factor in determining how much of your donation actually goes to care for the animals and, in our case, that is 93% or more! Bless you all for caring.

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