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Kristin Prettol
2 months ago

Where do we sign up?

1 month ago

Hi there. Please call the number on the flier to register. 🙂

Denise McAllister
1 month ago

Hello we received emergency custody of my nieces & the 8 ur old is in love with any kind of animal to the point that i must stop for every animal I see! Lol This program “camp” would be an amazing opportunity for her. I dont know if I need a voucher to give to DCF, or how I go about to sign her up asap.

1 month ago

Hi Denise. We don’t know of any voucher system, but if you would like to sign them up, please call 321-567-3615 ext 247.

Mary T Styer
1 month ago

I adopted 2 cats Luna (who I call Luna now) and Megan (aka Meg) a couple weeks ago and they are doing so well now. I had to feed Meg with a syringe for the first few days but she’s eating on her own now. They have been hiding until yesterday. Once Luna made her way to my room, she bullied me into paying attention to her and wouldn’t leave me alone all night. Meg is still skittish but I found out, this morning, that it’s because Luna is bullying her. I’m sure they’ll work it out. I absolutely love… Read more »

1 month ago
Reply to  Mary T Styer

Hi Mary. We’re so happy that they are doing well. Thank you for adopting!

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